From laser clinics to larger offices & multi-purpose health centres -we have experience working with a range of medical & healthcare tenants

Our healthcare clients have diverse scale, location & lease-term requirements. 

We have experience finding, acquiring and managing leases for all kinds of medical and healthcare sector tenants, from general practices to specialist clinics, to multi-purpose health complexes.

While we pride ourselves on our core services – site selection & lease negotiation; property advisory; and tenant representation – there is a whole host of work we do for healthcare customers.

For example, we know how to handle one-off transactions – from mergers & acquisitions, to extensions, relocations and rationalisations. And can provide retainer lease services, including management, renewal & disposal.

Who we work with

One of our most significant healthcare clients is Silver Chain Group, a not-for-profit organisation delivering community health and aged care services across Australia.

We have a wealth of experience in the healthcare vertical: selecting, acquiring and managing leases for a range of health practices, including physiotherapists, dentists, orthodontists, laser clinics, IV, cosmetic surgery, optometrists, dermatologists, general practices & more.

We’ve worked with medical and health organisations, including research institutes, of all sizes, acting as tenant representative, buyer’s agent or lease administrator. Read more about our core services.

We offer all the traditional tenant advisory and services at competitive rates. We can manage lease transactions end to end – be they acquisitions, disposals, relocations, extensions, mergers or other special projects. But we can also offer longer-term retainer services – including strategy, lease management and market research. We work both with small, growing organisations, as well as large institutions seeking reliable transaction management.

We present a unique opportunity for healthcare clients thanks to the extent of our experience in the industry. Our exclusive and personal style of tenant representation has deliviered cost savings for healthcare sector organisations over many years – read some testimonials here.

Our network and negotiating experience is unique, and we work with each prospect on a case-by-case basis, delivering pragmatic solutions aligned with core organisational needs and objectives. Whether you’re a small local practice or a national healthcare organisation, we’d love to hear how we can help with your property needs. Get in touch!

Why us


Our core team have experience working with healthcare clients across Australia. Our proven track record, working with healthcare businesses and non-profits of all shapes, sizes, and requirements, shows we understand the big picture and the small print.


Our difference is that we exclusively advise tenants, no landlord or developers, so we can be completely independent and conflict-free. We’re genuinely on your side. We owe our success to the referrals we receive from our clients, so rather than the duration of our representation or advisory services, we focus on the quality of clients’ tenancy experience.


We reach out to the extensive network that we have developed over many years to fulfil clients’ needs across all aspects of setting up and managing their healthcare leasing affairs. Our relationships in law, real estate, property management & strategic planning are available to all our healthcare clients. This network ensures that a client can be sure every part of the process, and even related services, can be covered by trustworthy providers.

Core Services

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