COVID-19 Support

Skilled lease negotiation & strategy is crucial to survive COVID-19. Tenant Leasing Group can help protect and optimise your interim commercial position

The COVID-19 environment demands insightful tenant representation. Our advisory helps tenants:

  • Protect their interim commercial position
  • Negotiate post COVID-19 lease requirements
  • Get leases & premises ready for post COVID-19

Tenant Leasing Group is supporting retail, commercial, industrial and other tenants to navigate the uncertain economic & legislative situation of coronavirus.

Contact us for property support during the COVID-19 crisis.

We’re ensuring our clients’ negotiations with landlords result in lease arrangements that reflect impacts on cashflow and premises utilisation. We’re also helping tenants with site selection and property advisory during COVID-19, and making sure they’re ready for the new normal.

Whether it’s representation, advice, location search, snapping up bargains, or consolidation – we’re helping tenants come out of COVID-19 stronger.

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Contact us for range of property support services during the COVID-19 crisis.

Code of conduct

Read the official National Cabinet Mandatory Code of Conduct: SME Commercial Leasing Principles During COVID-19, released by the Federal Government on April 7th, 2020.

Analysis for tenants

Check out our insights & press features on the Code of Conduct & latest developments in commercial & retail leasing during COVID-19.


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National & State COVID-19 Legislation For Tenants

We’ve created a list of links to National and State legislation relevant to commercial tenants during COVID-19 here.

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