Tenant Representation

Our difference is we exclusively advise commercial tenants - no landlords, no developers. This is why we're effective, conflict-free tenant representatives

Skillful representation is based on close relationships and market experience.

We work closely with our clients to deliver high-quality, independent commercial tenant representation.

We deliver objective, evidence-based advice to win negotiations and optimise property positions.

Business objectives come first – we help secure the site your organisation needs on the best terms.

Lease Procurement

  • New lease acquisition
  • Existing lease renewals, extensions or restructures

Existing lease management

  • Rent review negotiations
  • Make Good negotiations
  • Restructuring of the lease during a lease renewal/option
  • Management of lease option process

Lease Disposal Management

  • Provision of strategic disposal advice
  • Management of lease surrender strategies

Accommodation Reviews

  • Strategic review and assessment of existing facilities
  • Site strategy session
  • Strategy for future accommodation requirements
  • Location planning
  • Issuance of market brief

Due Diligence

  • Building services
  • Compliance
  • Legal
  • Town planning/permitted us

Other services we offer

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