New to commercial leasing? Here are some of the basics.

Questions and answers for those considering, or new to leasing.

Can I sublease or assign my lease?

Most commercial leases allow the lessee to sublease or assign their premises. It is best to address this at the beginning of your lease, and a good thing to have in writing just in case. Still have questions? Feel free to get in touch.

How can I negotiate the best lease deal?

By carefully selecting a shortlist of properties you are interested in you create a competitive environment where you can negotiate without fear of missing out. Tenant Leasing Group can guide you through these steps and negotiate the best deal on your behalf. If you'd like to know more, contact us.

When should I engage with a a tenant representative?

If you start talking to a tenant representative as soon as you start thinking about opening a new space you are able to establish your needs, get a better idea of costs involved with the lease and leasing process, and make the most of off market opportunities.

What is a Tenant Representation service?

Tenant representation is when an industry professional works on behalf of someone entering a lease, and supports the tenant throughout the leasing process. Here at Tenant Leasing Group we specialise in working with a range of business and non-business clients to fulfill retail, commercial, industrial, and other property needs. Get in touch.

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