Why Hire A Profesional Tenant Representative?

As a business owner or senior executive looking to find a retail, warehouse, industrial or office site, it's important to weigh up the costs and benefits of different ways of securing a property.

Tenant Representatives are property professionals specialised in promoting and protecting the needs of tenants in the commercial property sector.

Will I benefit from hiring more than one tenant representative for the same search?

Tenant Representatives have access to the same database of available properties. Using more than one representative can result in more inquiries to the same property, resulting in the building owner misinterpreting demand and inflating rental rates. It would be more effective to find a tenant rep with more experience rather than more tenant reps, it …

Will I benefit from hiring more than one tenant representative for the same search? Read More »

Is there a difference between a leasing agent and a tenant representative?

Yes, the leasing agent has the listing of the property and represents the interest of the owner of the building, whereas a tenant representative works for the interest of the tenant in the lease. Some agents work exclusively on listing while others take on tenant representation only. Other agents will work with both.

When should I engage with a a tenant representative?

If you start talking to a tenant representative as soon as you start thinking about opening a new space you are able to establish your needs, get a better idea of costs involved with the lease and leasing process, and make the most of off market opportunities.

What is a 'Tenant Representation' service?

Tenant representation is when an industry professional works on behalf of someone entering a lease, and supports the tenant throughout the leasing process. Here at Tenant Leasing Group we specialise in working with a range of business and non-business clients to fulfill retail, commercial, industrial, and other property needs. Get in touch.

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