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How do you find the best industrial & logistics sites to buy or lease in Australia?

How do you find the best industrial & logistics sites available for lease or purchase? Whether it's a well-located warehouse you need for distribution, a production site, or a mixed-use property that meets your business requirements: there are crucial steps businesses should follow in order to run an effective search process to find an industrial site fast in Australia.

1. Establish your lease requirements

Define what your business need from a property in terms of location, zoning, usage, features, rent and lease term.

2. Develop a real estate brief

A good brief expedites the search process and makes sure you receive property submissions that are tailored to your requirements.

3. Issue the brief to market

Being able to leverage beneficial, long-term relationships with agents, access lease property data and off-market opportunities is a massive advantage.

4. Compile a long-list

Compile a longer list of suitable properties, including off-market opportunities.

5. Decide the short-list

Review and select three to five of the most suitable properties.

6. Conduct inspections

Go out to sites and make inspections of short-listed properties.

7. Create competitive tension

Manage relationships with property stakeholders including agents and landlords to optimise your negotiating position.

8. Enter into lease negotiations for the properties you want

Whether you’re looking for a pure industrial site, mixed-use warehouse, other logistics property, for lease or purchae - Tenant Leasing Group can help with site search.

We have 50 years' experience finding the best value, best term industrial & logistics and warehouse sites in Australia.

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