Find a site

Our site search and selection process leverages our extensive network of agents, property data and off-market opportunities. We find fit-for-purpose business leases quick.

We handle each step of the process.

From establishing lease requirements to issuing market briefs, assessing property submissions from agents and conducting inspections – we run a thorough search process to find a site fast.

50 years’ experience finding commercial properties for lease:

  • Retail
  • Large format retail
  • Industrial
  • Office
  • Healthcare & medical 

Agree on requirements

We work with businesses through a process of evaluation and self-assessment to determine operational needs. This enables us to create an occupational brief, defining what they need from a property in terms of: location, zoning, usage and features, rent, lease terms and more.

Develop real estate brief

A good brief expedites decision-making and saves you considerable time, since inspections and reviews are only undertaken on suitable properties.

Issue client brief to market

Leverage beneficial, long-term relationships with agents around Australia and New Zealand to attract suitable property submissions.

Compile long-list

Compile long-list of suitable properties, including off-market opportunities, and present these to the client.

Short-list the best properties

Review and select three to five of the most advantageous properties.

Conduct inspections

Go out to sites and make inspections of as many properties as necessary.

Create competitive tension

Manage communication and relationships with property stakeholders including agents and landlords to optimise our client's negotiating position.

Enter lease negotiations

Commence the lease negotiation process.

Find, compare and inspect multiple sites.

Part of a tenant representation broker’s job is to find multiple sites for you and help you compare them. That way, you get the truth about the market as a whole so that you can not just choose a good location, but choose the best site relative to available alternatives.

Exclusive off-market access and other vendor advocacy.

By leveraging our extensive experience and valuable network of agents and other industry stakeholders, we’re able to offer off-market and other other rare site alternatives.  We also give access to specialist service providers from real estate agents to valuers, inspectors and property lawyers.

  • …we had a new lease in about 4 weeks. Very happy with the service.”

    Mike Rhodes

    Founder & Director, WebSavvy
  • Phil and the team have been brilliant at finding us the showrooms we need as we grow.”

    Anna Stockley

    COO, Brosa
  • The team organised a relocation at lightning speed – and the new warehouse in Alexandria has been a blessing!”

    Chris Moore

    Founder & CEO, Omafiets
  • Phil holds influence with property owners, property managers, and commercial real estate agents.”

    Peter Williams

    CEO, Phil Hoffman Travel
  • …allowed me to reduce costs, and hit challenging timelines – without compromising on either.”

    Lance Batty

    Region Director, Amadeus IT Pacific
  • Phil is a doer and uses his network to get the job done in a timely and efficient manner.”

    Peter Joseph

    Chairman, Black Dog Institute

Why do businesses choose us to help them find a site?

  • Comprehensive knowledge of property leasing markets across Australia and New Zealand
  • 50 years’ team experience finding sites and negotiating leases on behalf of commercial tenants
  • Saving 30% of lease costs on average for clients across all industries
  • Beneficial, long-term relationships with agents and other industry stakeholders
  • Exclusive tenant-only representation, which means our advice is dedicated and conflict-free

Find out more about why businesses with property needs choose us.

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