Break your lease

We have comprehensive knowledge of lease agreements and break clauses. We advise tenants on how to manage lease breaks safely.

Plan ahead, understand your agreement, break cleanly.

We advise and represent tenants on break clauses in their lease. With 50+ years’ experience managing lease contracts for occupiers, we know how to break away from a lease in a way the minimises commercial harm and preserves tenant relationships with landlords.

Whether it’s a retail or bulky goods site, warehouse or other industrial & logistics property – we can help make sure that you can get out when you need.

Review and activate lease break clause(s)

We review and communicate the parameters of the break clause(s) that exist to the tenant. Then we plan and execute the lease break.

Find a new site

When you're ready we can help you find a new site best suited to your business requirements.

  • Tenant Leasing Group just get the job done.”

    Leah Ingram

    Founder & CEO, Leah's Wax Works
  • Helpful, reliable and trusted.”

    Paul Reynolds

    Commercial Services Manager, University of South Australia
  • First Class. I underestimated the value in engaging Tenant Leasing Group…”

    Simon Phin

    CEO, Beyond the Break
  • Peace of Mind, that is what Phil and his team furnish, a rare commodity these days.”

    David Boyd

    Head of Sales, Merck Group
  • Phil is a doer and uses his network to get the job done in a timely and efficient manner.”

    Peter Joseph

    Chairman, Black Dog Institute

Why do businesses choose us for their lease breaks?

As part of our break clause services, all clients get access to:

  • Deep knowledge of retail, large format retail, industrial & logistics and other commercial property markets across Australia, New Zealand and beyond
  • 50 years’ team experience in break-lease management for businesses
  • Saving 30% of lease costs on average for clients across all industries
  • Beneficial, long-term relationships with agents and other industry stakeholders
  • Exclusive tenant-only representation, which means our advice is dedicated and conflict-free

Find out more about why businesses with property needs choose us.

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