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Knowing where you can save money and how to make it happen are the keys for office occupiers. If you know to look for them, lease savings and great incentives are out there, including:

  • Rental abatements
  • Rent-free periods
  • Fit-out contributions
  • Extensive access periods; and
  • Hand-back rights / break clauses

The labour and admin involved in getting out of a bad lease are often what keep businesses in office space that is too expensive or they just don’t need. There’s never an easy time to reduce the costs of your office space, but it’s certainly worthwhile.

Sourcing a new property and negotiating a fresh lease, renegotiating the lease for your current site, or securing a time-saving lease renewal or extension, are all ways that you the tenant can save on your office property overheads.

Independent, tenant-only advisors can find sites and negotiate on better lease terms on your behalf – it’s what the team at Tenant Leasing Group have been doing for over 50 years.

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Tenant Leasing Group   February 18, 2023  

Top tips:

  1. Negotitate a rent reduction or improved terms at an existing site
  2. Relocate to a site better suited to your business requirements
  3. Rationalise your warehouse portfolio with strategic lease surrenders
  4. Utilise a specialist tenant rep for your next site search and lease negotiation

E-commerce is growing – from meal kit services and online groceries to fashion and apparell brands, wine and liquor delivery, electronic goods retailers, co-warehousing, data centres, you name it.

And many of these businesses need warehouses – for distribution, manufacturing, sorting, storage, fulfilment and other uses. Australia has a fixed number of warehouse sites available for lease at any one time. Fierce competition means that if you want to find the right location for your business, you need to know what is coming onto the market and when.

Savvy business leaders know that having a specialist advisor on property leasing can save time and money – not just by negotiating better rental prices, but by securing sites at the right time, preventing downtime, stock wastage, and other costly inefficiencies.

It’s not all about the biggest, newest sheds. A lot of the time, what is needed is a site that matches location, capacity, zoning, usage and longer-term strategic requirements.

Tenant Leasing Group wants to work with new and established e-Commerce businesses who want to take advantage of great incentives and rental opportunities that are on offer, if you know where to look.

We’re here to help businesses minimise warehousing costs and improve supply chain efficiency.

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Tenant Leasing Group   February 18, 2023  

To choose the right warehouse site to lease, you first need to know that it matches your requirements.

Questions about size, location, zoning, amenities, and other site attributes that you may want to consider when searching for a warehouse include:

  • Size – how many square metres (sqm) do you think you need? What are these calculations based on? Does this account for inventory and excess stock, or future commercial expansion?
  • Location – which suburbs or regions are you looking in? Do you need to be close to airports, arterial roads, CBD, or other logistical nodes? Would you consider options in other areas?
  • Clearance – 5, 7, 15 metres? What is the maximum clearance height you could require in your warehouse? Does it have to be open-plan?
  • Access – does it need to be on the ground floor? Does it need to be free-standing? Do you need car parking facilities? Are there additional access requirements?
  • Site attributes – power, lighting, ventilation, plumbing, hydraulic systems, roller doors, fencing? The list goes on…
  • Amenities – do you need bathrooms on site (and do they need to be accessible)? Kitchen, office, reception, partitions?
  • Fixtures & fittings – should the site be empty? Do you need a fit-out?
  • Nearby precincts – proximity to residential or commercial catchments or specific services? For example food & beverage, transporation, recreation
  • Premises type & zoning – will the site be single or mixed-use? Is it 100% industrial usage you require permission for, or do you also need usage as an office, or recreation space?

Once you are clear on what is required, you can conduct a more accurate and thorough search of what suitable warehouses are available to lease on the market.

It helps if you can leverage relationships with agents, access extensive property data and know about opportunities that may currently be ‘off-market’. Hint: this is where Tenant Leasing Group (TLG) may be able to help.

The next step is choosing from a short-list, and then negotiating your rent and lease terms with the lessor (landlord).

TLG has 50 years’ experience finding & signing leases for warehouses around Australia that deliver on business requirements. Any questions? Get in touch.

Tenant Leasing Group   March 12, 2022  

Lease negotiation is part art, part science. 

The most important thing is knowing what your interests are as the tenant, and how to protect them. 

Businesses looking for a retail, office or warehouse lease are generally after lower rents, healthy incentives and good lease terms. 

Consider getting advice when you’re dealing with commercial landlords and their lawyers. And make sure your advisor represent tenants-only. 

When it comes to negotiating – once you’ve shortlisted the sites you want, it’s crucial to create competitive tension. 

The way you communicate with agents, landlords and other stakeholders is key to creating leverage and optimising your bargaining position. 

Then it’s about knowing how far to push negotiations while protecting your interests as the prospective occupier. 

Attention to detail is vital: make sure you have a comprehensive knowledge of property contracts and perform due diligence to ensure legal compliance. 

Next step is closing the deal. This involves liaising with the landlord’s lawyers in order to finalise documentation, sign and settle. 

At Tenant Leasing Group we’re tenacious negotiators with 50 years’ experience securing the best lease deals for retail, warehouse & industrial tenants.

Our advice is conflict-free: we are dedicated solely to tenants’ interests – we’re on your side. 

To get a better idea of lease costs and off-market property opportunities, get in touch.

Tenant Leasing Group   March 12, 2022  

How do you find the ideal property for your business requirements?

For example, the ideal retail location, or the warehouse you need in order to expand your distribution operations. From establishing lease requirements to issuing market briefs, assessing property submissions from agents and conducting inspections, there are crucial steps businesses in Australia should follow in order to run an effective search process to find a site fast.

1. Establish your lease requirements

Define what your business need from a property in terms of location, zoning, usage, features, rent and lease term.

2. Develop a real estate brief

A good brief expedites the search process and makes sure you receive property submissions that are tailored to your requirements.

3. Issue the brief to market

Being able to leverage beneficial, long-term relationships with agents, access lease property data and off-market opportunities is a massive advantage.

4. Compile a long-list

Compile a longer list of suitable properties, including off-market opportunities.

5. Decide the short-list

Review and select three to five of the most suitable properties.

6. Conduct inspections

Go out to sites and make inspections of short-listed properties.

7. Create competitive tension

Manage relationships with property stakeholders including agents and landlords to optimise your negotiating position.

8. Enter into lease negotiations for the properties you want

Whether you’re looking for an office, retail store, pop-up shop, warehouse, sublet, or other business property – Tenant Leasing Group can help with site search.

We have 50 years’ experience finding the best retail, office and warehouse sites for business tenants.

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Tenant Leasing Group   March 12, 2022  

Businesses, especially eCommerce brands, need warehouses to organise their distribution, fulfilment and other logistics. So – how do you go about leasing a warehouse for your business?

E-commerce is booming – from meal kit services and online groceries to fashion and apparell brands, wine and liquor delivery, electronic goods retailers, homeware & furniture, and more – and smart founders, owners and senior executives are making sure they find the warehouse lease arrangements that support their bottom line.

It’s not all about the biggest, newest sheds.

Negotiate a rent reduction on an existing lease, rationalise your warehouse footprint to maximise efficiency, or relocate a strategic inner-city, suburban or regional site with better terms.

Tenant Leasing Group is looking to work with new and established e-Commerce businesses who want to take advantage of the incentives and site opportunities on offer.

We’re here to help businesses minimise warehousing costs and improve supply chain efficiency.

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Tenant Leasing Group   March 11, 2022  

Our services are priced on a case-by-case basis.

Among other things, we can help you find a site, negotiate a lease, renew an existing lease, manage your lease expiry, or review your entire property strategy. But, we only charge for the specific tasks we undertake on your behalf. You don’t get charged for what you don’t use.

Dodgy leases can be legally binding, so it’s well worth hiring a professional tenant representative or property adviser (in the case of Tenant Leasing Group, we are both) to make sure you know what you’re getting into.

Give us a call or drop us an email for a free quote. 

Phil Reichelt   June 25, 2018  


We don’t own or manage any properties on behalf of owners, investors, landlords or developers.

Our services are for tenants-only. We assist with retail, eCommerce, industrial & logistics and other commercial property requirements, including helping businesses find a site, negotiate a lease, renew an existing lease, and signing contractual agreements with their warehouse landlord or other lessor.

We find and negotiate retail, warehouse, industrial and other commercial property leases on behalf of businesses to save them time and money.

Remaining independent means we act only in accordance with client needs – not those of landlords, developers, or other parties. We have no conflict of interest – and this means we can strategically negotiate a lease that is most beneficial to the tenant.

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Phil Reichelt   June 25, 2018  

Independent, specialist property advice.