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"Climbing to the top..." BlocHaus Bouldering reaches new heights

Commercial Real Estate, February 23, 2023 | commercialrealestate.com.au

Tenant Leasing Group (TLG), and our client BlocHaus Bouldering, have been featured in a recent article by property writer and columnist Sue Williams.

High growth and fast turnaround

The article, published in Commercial Real Estate on February 23, 2023, highlights the meteoric ascent of BlocHaus’ bouldering gyms across Australia, and the growth of the indoor climbing market in general.

The sport is firmly established in Europe as a favourite pastime – especially in Germany – with an abundance of gyms in urban locations. Australia is one of the world’s fastest growing indoor climbing markets, with BlocHaus leading the competition. Globally, the climbing gym market size is estimated to increase by over $US 4 billion from 2022-2027.

Already in Melbourne, Sydney and Canberra, Australia’s appetite for the new sport... means that at least six new gyms are now either being planned or in development.

Founder & Principal of TLG, Phil Reichelt, was interviewed about industrial property sourcing for the chain’s national roll-out, which already includes venues in Fyshwick, ACT, in Port Melbourne and in Sydney’s Marrickville.

We’re looking at high-growth areas like Macquarie Park in Sydney and the inner north in Melbourne... mostly at old industrial estates that are being refurbished with micro-breweries, coffee roasters and cafes...

BlocHaus: a true 'social sport' experience

Founder and managing director of BlocHaus Bouldering, Marty Bradstreet, is thrilled with the sport’s growing popularity, which was driven in part by a debut at the Tokyo Olympics in 2021. While most fans of the sport are aged between 18 and 40, everyone can have a go – this accessibility is another key to indoor bouldering’s growing success.

You can have a session before or after work and it becomes part of people’s routines. It’s so social too, so we often see people going off for a beer afterwards with new friends they’ve made.

Finding warehouses and opening new industrial venues

With the help of Phil and TLG, Marty and BlocHaus are now getting ready to open new premises in Sydney in either Macquarie Park or Artarmon, in Newcastle, in Melbourne in Fitzroy, Carlton or Collingwood, in Brisbane, in Adelaide and another in Canberra, in Mitchell.

Phil and his team are managing our national roll-out of industrial sites of up to 2,000sqm. They take care of all our leasing needs.

Marty Bradstreet

Founder, BlocHaus Bouldering

TLG has 50 years’ experience finding & negotiating leases for businesses with industrial & logistics property requirements, like BlocHaus.

“...[indoor bouldering] is climbing so fast in popularity, it’s odds on that it’ll soon be coming to an industrial site near you.

You can read the full article here.

Phil Reichelt

Founder & Principal, Tenant Leasing Group (TLG)

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He specialises in multi-site retail, mixed-use office & industrial, and warehouse leases of up to 5,000sqm.

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