Peter Switzer interviews Phil Reichelt about commercial lease negotiation during COVID-19

As part of the FBAA 2020 Commercial Industry Masterclass, Peter Switzer asked our Director Phil Reichelt about commercial leasing in the time of COVID-19.

Prefer to read? See our blog on the 3 key commercial lease negotiation insights for COVID-19. You can also watch Phil’s full contributions to the live panel discussion here

If you’d like to know more or get support with downsizing your office, renegotiating your retail lease, or any other commercial property advisory questions, feel free to contact Phil for a confidential conversation. 

The live panel was chaired by Peter Switzer of Switzer Financial Group, and featured Malcolm Withers (Pepper Money Australia), Cristian Fedrigo (Get Capital), John Kolyvas (ING), Peter Vala & Per Amundsen (ThinkTank), Greg Sugar (PRP) and Phil Reichelt (Tenant Leasing Group). Hosted by the Finance Brokers Association of Australia (FBAA), and with thanks to sponsors Speedy Finance & Lend!

Watch the full live panel recording here.


Phil Reichelt


Phil has 25+ years experience advising and representing tenants on retail, office, industrial, large format retail, healthcare and other commercial property leasing.

A trusted veteran, Phil knows how to work negotiations in the tenant’s favour. He builds relationships directly with founders, business owners and senior executives to help optimise their business property situation.