is Australia's most innovative mattress, homeware & furniture maker.

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Koala is an international, purpose-driven homeware business, and one of Australia’s fastest growing companies. Tenant Leasing Group are proud to work with the Koala team to secure their retail, eCommerce and office property requirements.

Koala was crowned the number one mattress brand in 2021’s Canstar Blue review, ahead of competition including Sealy, SleepMaker, King Koil and IKEA. Perhaps more remarkably, they are a furniture & home brand with a sense of humour: renaming one of their best-selling sofa beds the “McGowan Sofa Bed” in honour of its ability to “open and close in seconds” –  a tongue-in-cheek marketing ploy timed to coincide with the long-awaited re-opening of Western Australia’s COVID-19 hard border restrictions.

As an eCommerce retailer, Koala provide us with refreshing challenges of finding prime warehouse leases for it’s distribution activities, but also for locating it’s office premises, product development centres and showrooms. Tenant Leasing Group are looking ahead to the homegrown Australian business’ international expansion.

In 2021 we signed a lease deal on behalf of Koala for a 3,160sqm warehouse site in the “City Close Industrial Estate”, in Sydney’s inner west. The mixed-use industrial/office site will become their international headquarters as well as a product development hub.

Case studies

As a startup, Koala were pragmatic about their property leasing requirements – they wanted sites that did what they needed them to do, with favourable rents & lease terms and no unnecessary frills. As they continue to grow, they rely on Tenant Leasing Group to make sure they’re saving on their warehouse and other leases, whilst always planning ahead to make sure they have enough space to deliver to their online retail audience.

Phil & his team are helping us to manage our national roll out of bouldering gyms (1,000-2,000sqm). They now take care of all our leasing needs.”

Martin Bradstreet

Founder, BlocHaus Bouldering

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