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Australia's most-awarded mattress. eCommerce extraordinaires in furniture & homewares.

Furniture & Homeware

Who they are.

Koala is a purpose-driven furniture & homeware business founded in Australia, with global retail ambitions.

In 2021, Koala was crowned the number one mattress brand in the Canstar Blue review, ahead of competition including Sealy, SleepMaker, King Koil and IKEA.

Perhaps more remarkably, they are a furniture & home brand with a sense of humour: renaming one of their best-selling sofa beds the “McGowan Sofa Bed” in honour of its ability to “open and close in seconds” –  a tongue-in-cheek marketing ploy timed to coincide with the long-awaited re-opening of Western Australia’s COVID-19 hard border restrictions. As a start-up, Koala are pragmatic about their property leasing requirements – they want sites that do what they needed them to do, with favourable rents & lease terms and no unnecessary frills.

How we help.

Tenant Leasing Group find prime warehouse leases for Koala’s production and distribution activities, but also locate office premises, product development centres, showrooms and mixed-use sites. And we make sure we sign lease deals that support their bottom-line.

In 2022, we were able to deliver them a new international HQ in Alexandria, Sydney – a mixed-use warehouse/office relocation that saved them over $1 million p.a. The 3,160sqm warehouse site in the “City Close Industrial Estate”, in Sydney’s Inner West, also serves as a product development hub – read more about this case study here.

Koala are known for their seamless, easy retail experiences, which depend on smooth customer journeys online and offline. Their property strategy is guided by the need for smart production and logistics arrangements that allow them to fulfil a high volume of online orders in a timely fashion.

They rely on us to assess and investigate a large number of properties to determine suitability (considering factors such as bespoke manufacturing and fulfilment requirements); refine a shortlist; negotiate with landlords (including at their existing location if appropriate); and settle in a timely manner so that their ability to meet customer demands isn’t compromised.

What's next?

Having already expanded internationally to Korea and Japan, Koala’s latest property leasing move – and the > $1 million p.a savings created – will enable further business growth for the successful eCommerce start-up. We’re looking forward to a strong partnership.

Market briefs


Phil & his team are helping us to manage our national roll out of bouldering gyms (1,000-2,000sqm). They now take care of all our leasing needs.”

Martin Bradstreet

Founder, BlocHaus Bouldering

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