How do I find retail, warehouse, large format retail or industrial & logistics propery near me?

To find the right warehouse, store, distribution centre, showroom or other property for your business, you need to know your requirements, and then search for the best lease or rental options that satisfy your brief. 

Most real estate agents are pushing the vacant properties of the landlords who employ them, to fill the site and get the highest possible rents. 

Tenants – businesses looking for a retail, office, warehouse or other site - need an advisor whose looking out for their interests. 

Independent tenant-only representatives run work for the tenant-only. Our job is to find fit-for-purpose property at the lowest rent cost and with the best incentives and lease terms. 

We don’t receive a commission from landlords or owners for filling a site.  

Our contractual obligations are to the tenant-only. We get paid when we find the best site for them. 

We have 50 years' experience finding retail, warehouse and industrial & logistics property in Autralia.

We leverage beneficial, long-term relationships with agents, extensive property data and access to off-market opportunities. We find fit-for-purpose retail, ecommerce and warehouse leases quick. 

Get in touch. 

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