Tenant Leasing Group (TLG)

Who do I ask for advice on negotiating a retail, warehouse or industrial property lease with a landlord?

The most important thing in lease negotiation is knowing what your interests are and who shares them.

Make sure your lease advisor is on your side.

Every landlord has an agent, so tenants – businesses looking for a retail, office, warehouse or other site - need one too.

If you’re considering a professional representative when dealing with commercial landlords and their lawyers, make sure they represent tenants-only.

That way you can be sure they don’t work for landlords, agents, developers or property owners.

Tenant-only representatives exclusively advise businesses who are seeking to lease property.

By law, Tenant Leasing Group's contractual obligations are solely to tenants. This removes any potential for conflicts of interest, and means we can negotiate exclusively on the tenant’s behalf to get them the best outcome.

By contrast, some agents and non-independent tenant reps receive a commission from landlords or owners for finalising a lease deal.

In other words, they get paid by the opposing party in the negotiation.

We don’t. We’re paid by the business who is seeking to lease the site only.

At Tenant Leasing Group, our remuneration comes solely from the tenant – not from landlords, developers or agencies.

We work for commission from the tenant - receiving a percentage of the money that is saved through the negotiation. This means that we when the tenant saves money, we benefit directly.

This shows that we have the same shared goal: it’s in our best interests to secure the best possible deal for the tenant.

We’re tenacious negotiators with 50 years' experience securing the best lease deals for business tenants. We exclusively represent you and our advice is conflict-free.

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