Tenant Leasing Group (TLG)

Top tips for negotiating the best deal on your retail, warehouse and industrial property in Australia

Lease negotiation is part art, part science. 

The most important thing is knowing what your interests are as the tenant, and how to protect them. 

Businesses looking for a retail, office or warehouse lease are generally after lower rents, healthy incentives and good lease terms. 

Consider getting advice when you’re dealing with commercial landlords and their lawyers. And make sure your advisor represent tenants-only. 

When it comes to negotiating - once you've shortlisted the sites you want, it’s crucial to create competitive tension. 

The way you communicate with agents, landlords and other stakeholders is key to creating leverage and optimising your bargaining position. 

Then it’s about knowing how far to push negotiations while protecting your interests as the prospective occupier. 

Attention to detail is vital: make sure you have a comprehensive knowledge of property contracts and perform due diligence to ensure legal compliance. 

Next step is closing the deal. This involves liaising with the landlord’s lawyers in order to finalise documentation, sign and settle. 

At Tenant Leasing Group we’re tenacious negotiators with 50 years' experience securing the best lease deals for retail, warehouse & industrial tenants.

Our advice is conflict-free: we are dedicated solely to tenants' interests - we're on your side. 

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