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UPDATE: Code of Conduct For Commercial Tenants Negotiating Leases in 2021

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UPDATE 10/01/2021:

The regulatory environment for commercial tenants negotiating with landlords has undergone several changes since the first emergency measures were introduced in 2020. The National Cabinet Mandatory Code of Conduct remains in effect, since JobKeeper program was extended to March 28 2021.

Each State and Territory has their own rules that continue to apply to commercial leasing negotiations between tenants and landlords. WA, South Australia and the ACT were the first jurisdictions to commit to extending their measures into 2021. NSW, Victoria and QLD also announced extensions to their COVID-19 leasing regulations into the new year. Tasmania and the NT have similar legislation that remains in effect.

It’s important to know who to contact about commercial lease negotiations in your state. Tenant Leasing Group are dedicated to staying on top of the new regulations to make sure we can negotiate hard for our clients. We can help with re-negotiating retail lease terms, downsizing offices, finding new sites, consolidating your portfolio and more. Get in touch if you’re a tenant looking for support with your commercial lease!

National Legislation

NSW Legislation

VIC Legislation

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