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1,600sqm of A-Grade industrial with zoning for recreation, in Canberra

Image: BlocHaus Bouldering

Tenant Leasing Group (TLG) is working with our client BlocHaus Bouldering to open a new indoor climbing gym in Mitchell, Canberra in late 2023. It will be their second location in the capital.

Leasing a prime industrial site, North of the CBD

BlocHaus were looking in places like Mitchell in order to capture customers in more suburban areas North of Canberra’s CBD. As part of a wide, comprehensive property search, we also considered sites in the desireable suburbs of Belconnen and Weston Creek.

The prime industrial site at 2 Callan Street, Mitchellsatisfied all the requirements of the brief. The trickiest of these – and the case for all of the sites in the BlocHaus’ portfolio – is finding a site with industrial or high clearance spec, which also has zoning to allow for recreational use. Since the sites are developed to operate as social bouldering gyms, this mixed-use status is essential. 

To get the lease, we were able to secure a pre-commitment from a local Canberra developer, as well as a competitive incentive for our client. Read the full case study here.

Image: BlocHaus Bouldering

A climbing trend that is reaching new heights

BlocHaus were recently featured in a Commercial Real Estate article, as the fastest-growing indoor climbing gym chain across Australia and New ZealandGlobally, the size of the climbing gym market is estimated to increase by over $US 4 billion before 2028.

The new social sport has a broad appeal, and is popular with young people, families with children, and older groups. Beyond the social element, the article also talks about how indoor bouldering is more convenient than it’s outdoor counterparts, which is another quality that continues to draw in the crowds.

“We find lots of people make friends doing it... I love rock climbing outdoors too but this is so convenient and such great fun.”

TLG is responsible for sourcing property for the the chain’s national roll-out, which already includes venues in Fyshwick, ACT, in Port Melbourne and in Sydney’s Marrickville. 

From a commercial leasing point of view, what’s exciting is the requirement for the gyms – as social venues frequented by families, and other sophisticated consumer groups – to be in proximity of hospitality and other boutique service businesses. That’s why our lease searches are:

mostly at old industrial estates that are being refurbished with micro-breweries, coffee roasters and cafes...

Image: BlocHaus Bouldering

Things are looking up

Already in Melbourne, Sydney and Canberra, Australia’s appetite for the new sport... means that at least six new gyms are now either being planned or in development.

TLG and BlocHaus are preparing to lease and open new premises in Sydney (either Macquarie Park or Artarmon), Melbourne (Fitzroy, Carlton or Collingwood), Brisbane, Adelaide, and Newcastle.

The sites need to be 1,500 to 2,000 square metres with a minimum of five metres’ clearance, or smaller (800 – 1,000sqm) with nine metres clearance. More details can be found here, and agents with suitable sites are encouraged to get in touch!

Tenant Leasing Group (TLG) are the national industrial property advisor and tenant representative for BlocHaus Bouldering in Australia and New Zealand.

You can find BlocHaus Bouldering in Canberra at their Fyshwick location: Unit 2, Building 2, 1 Dairy road, Fyshwick ACT.

Phil and his team are managing our national roll-out of industrial sites up to 2,000sqm. They now take care of all our leasing needs.

Marty Bradstreet

Founder, BlocHaus Bouldering

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