Culture Kings

World famous for streetwear, music and sport.


Culture Kings are a global streetwear clothing and sneakers brand, with retail locations opening around Australia and beyond.

Their multidimensional in-store retail experiences blend fashion, music and sport. And their property strategy is guided by a need for value-added fit-outs in eminent locations. Live promo events with celebrity ambassadors draw loyal fans and foot-traffic alike.

We have provided site search and lease negotiation services for Culture Kings on prime retail sites of 500-3,000sqm across Australia and New Zealand. We also offer advisory on their next-gen experential retail strategy. They serve a young, demanding market, so the support we provide is innovative, dynamic and aesthetic.

Tenant Leasing Group is the national tenant representative for Culture Kings. 

Phil’s experience in negotiation has consistently got us optimal commercial results. He presents us with off market opportunities including just finalising our flagship 1,000sqm site in Auckland. His experience is invaluable to us.”

Simon Beard

Founder & CEO, Culture Kings

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